Medical Device Mistakes: ABC’s Latest Discovery

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Medical Device Mistakes: ABC’s Latest Discovery

The arrival of Medical Law specialist Kate Williams as a consultant lawyer at Don Cameron & Associates has coincided with the release of an investigative piece by the ABC today about medical devices and their use worldwide. On the findings and her own experiences, Kate had this to say:

The scale and nature of adverse medical outcomes that Australians have suffered who have received medical devices to “treat” medical and surgical conditions has been exposed by the ABC.

Medical device manufacturers have manipulated data and clinical trial results for over 30 years. Misleading information has been provided to the health profession and in turn patients have been advised falsely as to the efficacy and safety of the products.


Unfortunately there have been many doctors who have been genuinely mislead by medical manufactures, others have just ignored the reality that these products are dangerous and placed patients safety at jeopardy. A small percentage of such doctors have received pecuniary benefits from the medical manufacturers.

In the last 5 years I have had significant involvement with  claims involving the injuries caused by a variety of Gynecological Mesh(s) using for prolapse surgery. The injuries caused by these products are of the most horrific I have seen in my career, including bowel and bladder wall erosion. Pain syndromes from the mesh being either incorrectly anchored in place and/ or from mesh migration to the lower spine.

The women I have represented have  permanent ongoing pain and suffering.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA) have not been diligent enough to ensure patients safety.

Well done to the ABC for this investigative piece. No doubt many people will be shocked by the research outlined in the story.

You can find the piece published by the ABC here: