Testimonial regarding dental negligence

Testimonial regarding dental negligence

24th May 2021

To Whom it may concern, Unfortunately after 3.5 years of orthodontics our dentist informed my daughter that her teeth had been irreparably damaged as a result of the orthodontic treatment and probable negligence. She was 16 at the time and had already suffered from the many adjustments, procedures and longer than anticipated treatment time.

She was absolutely devastated, as was I. Thankfully Kate Williams was recommended to me by a friend who is a solicitor at a time when we were shocked and upset and we had no experience with any kind of legal proceedings.

Most importantly Kate listened and made us feel validated from the beginning but she also had genuine compassion and concern for my daughter and myself and we felt very supported during our case.

Kate is thorough and professional and leaves no stone un-turned. Our matter became more complicated as it went on and due to one of the defendants being popular amongst his peers, it was very challenging to find expert witnesses. There were also 2 defendants in our matter and multiple practitioners with pages of notes so the workload for Kate was considerable, but she kept everything under control, she kept us informed but not overwhelmed.

There wasn’t anything that she didn’t think of. Kate gave us realistic and honest expectations from the beginning and ultimately those expectations were met.

Kate answered all my questions and made herself available to my daughter and myself whenever we needed reassurance or thought of something else we thought might be important.

Kate is an excellent lawyer with so much valuable medical knowledge. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better and we are very grateful to her. I would highly recommend Kate Williams to anyone needing legal representation.