Medical Negligence Testimonial

Medical Negligence Testimonial

5 January 2022

I was extremely apprehensive about starting legal action against the doctor who I thought was responsible for the permanent physical damage caused to me. I felt powerless on my own but the injury has had a significant enough impact on my life that I felt compelled to do something about it. I had a mix of anxiety and anger about what had happened that sent me in circles – my anxiety held me back but my anger drove me forward to act. When I found Kate Williams Medical Law firm it was a breath of fresh air. I had approached two other firms previously, one alarmed me and the other was obscured behind a myriad of paralegals.

Kate Williams cut to the chase. After my first meeting with Kate I knew that she “got it”. It was easy to talk to her, she was realistic, and she quickly understood what had happened and what could be done. If it wasn’t for Kate’s astute understanding of medical negligence I would never have discovered that the primary defendant in my case was another doctor far
closer to me than the one I thought responsible.

This discovery turned my case upside down but Kate again cut to the chase. I was able to rely on Kate’s experience and no nonsense approach. I was impressed with Kate and her legal assistant, Adam’s, attention to detail in my medical record which assured me that they knew exactly what we were dealing with.

Kate and her team have understood the impact of being injured and betrayed by one’s doctor(s) and the conflicting emotions that this provokes.

Kate’s team has provided me with sound professional legal advice and, as equally important, they have supported me in any duress I have experienced as the case has progressed.

I have appreciated their transparency, tact, understanding and support when breaking new information that had potential to exacerbate anxiety. Viewing my medical record was distressing but Kate or Adam were available to debrief with me at every step.

I found that going through the steps of discovery with Kate’s team has been a necessary painful experience that is helping me to overcome the sense of betrayal and restore my sense of reason and logic. Kate and Adam have always been available by phone or would schedule a time to talk.

They have quickly replied to my queries as they crop up. At pertinent points in the progress of my case Kate has scheduled regular meetings with me by phone, zoom, or in person and her team always keep me informed.

I really appreciate the respect that Kate and her team have shown towards me at all times, not just as an injured client but as a whole person. I feel that working with Kate Williams is to be part of a team that is working with me towards justice and a realistic positive outcome.

Name withheld.