Kate Williams Medical Law Specialists

About us

Kate Williams Medical Law Specialists commenced on 1 July 2022.

(Kate Williams previously operated under Kate Williams Medical Law Partnership).

Kate and her legal team will continue their commitment to their clients with the provision of exceptional legal service.

Specialists in medical negligence claims

Kate Williams Medical Law Specialist is a firm that represents plaintiffs in a range of medical and surgical medical negligence matters. We represent clients against health care professionals, health care facilities and allied health professionals whose standard of professional care have fallen below a standard which is required by the law.

Based in Sydney and leading our team of legal professionals, Kate Williams has more than 25 years experience in medical negligence in Australia, helping clients achieve justice and compensation in a wide range of matters.

Unlike other firms, our firm is committed specifically to medical negligence law.

It is not just our area of expertise – it’s our passion.

Our Services

If you have an injury arising from medical, dental and/or allied health treatment, we can provide advice as to your rights to seek compensation.

Determining whether a health practitioner or hospital has been negligent requires experience, and a careful assessment of a client’s history and medical records. Knowing where to start is a big part of advising clients in medical negligence matters and a long history of specialisation in the field, as well as a background as a Registered Nurse provides Kate with unique skills to tell you where you stand.

Kate Williams’ experience allows her to access the most desirable and well considered experts in every medical field. Having worked in a major national plaintiff firm for over a decade, she has assessed more than 2,000 claims. With this knowledge spanning 26 years, she can efficiently provide clients with a case analysis, allowing cases to be assessed and commence without delay.

If there is a case to answer, we can act for you on a No-Win No-Fee basis. This means we get paid when the case is successfully settled and we take the financial risks of doing so, backing our expertise and skills.

What is: “No-Win, No-Fee”?

It is not uncommon for people who have been injured to have already lost money due to the inability to work, expensive treatment costs, or both. The last thing you want to think about is paying a lawyer up front, especially when you can’t afford other expenses.

No-Win, No-Fee means that you don’t have to worry about paying fees unless you win your case, and then the Insurer will be responsible for your legal costs.

To us, No-Win No-Fee is:

  • A way of helping you, our client, pursue your rights, even if you may not be able to afford it
  • A way of proving and demonstrating that we are confident that we will WIN your case

Sometimes we can’t offer a No-Win, No-Fee agreement, but we can help with alternative or deferred payment structures. If you want to know whether your case is eligible, all you need to do is ask at your initial consultation. There will be absolutely no cost to you for this initial consultation (whether we accept or decline to pursue your claim).

The initial consultation is for us to determine the prospects of success of your claim and the amount of work that may be required for us to achieve this result. The initial consultation is obligation free.

You are not need to sign any agreements with us at the end of the initial consultation. We are also able to give you a guide as to costs you will incur if you pursue your claim and a range of the likely outcome if you are successful.

If we pursue your matter – Conditional Cost (NWNF) Agreement.

Once we have established after your initial consultation that there is a claim against a medical provider and that you meet the requirements of a No-Win No-Fee basis, we will offer you a written agreement known as a ‘conditional cost agreement’.

‘No win, no fee’ means that if we are not successful in achieving a successful outcome for you in your claim, our own professional fees in conducting your matter will be reduced to zero (we will not charge for any of our professional time).
Expenses for collecting all your relevant medical information such as medical records, any administrative expenses, any cost of reports from experts that we may need and any associated court fees in a claim are known as ‘disbursements’.

If we are successful, we will be able to claim the disbursements that you have incurred in your claim from the insurer as part of your legal cost’s recovery.

In a conditional cost agreement, we can offer to have most of your disbursements covered by a litigation funder during the duration of your claim (and only deducted after the outcome of your successful claim is determined) so that you do not have to pay for any upfront expenses to commence your claim.

We will discuss with you at the end of your initial consultation whether we can offer you a No-Win No-Fee arrangement. If we cannot we can offer you other solutions to represent you in your claim.

Time limits apply for when a claim can be brought against a medical provider so we encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible to discuss your matter by filling in the ’Medical Law Enquiry form’ on our contact us link on this webpage or calling us on (02) 8366 0900.

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