Terminal stage 4 bowel cancer

Having been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 bowel cancer that was completely unexpected (after months of making inquiries with a doctor about my concerns) my life took a huge twist.

One of my immediate thoughts was if I am going to go, what can I do now to leave my wife and family in a better position without me? That’s when I consulted with Jason Ng and he gave me clear advice on what my situation was, what ought to have happened and what we need to do to help my family for a situation that could have been completely avoided.

Fast forward to our search for the best lawyers to represent me and my family’s needs and my wife and I are so happy to have come across Kate and Sheri to look after our claim which resulted in a positive outcome for my family.

This was the first time my wife and I had ever been involved in any legal proceedings so their professionalism, in taking us through the A to Z of what could be done, how it would be done, what to expect and then of course actually getting things done was made so easy and smooth. Any fears or concerns we had prior to engaging lawyers for the first time in my life just never eventuated.

Whilst I am now learning to live with my condition, my family and I are in a much better place compared to my first diagnosis and I felt genuine care from Kate’s team. I know that after the work done by Kate and Sheri that my family will be supported and that whatever happens that this is the best position we could have been in light of these circumstances.

I can’t thank Kate and Sheri enough for their hard work and for me and my family’s much improved position today. To anyone out there who is reading this and is thinking about a claim – Kate’s team are the people to go to!

N and R